Our second joint lab meeting was held

We held our second joint lab meeting on the 13th of October. It was a half-day virtual event comprising four talks, each followed with a Q&A and discussion session. METU and Hacettepe University gave a presentation titled “Kinship patterns among ancient genomes shed light on past social traditions of the last 10,000 years”. NEOMATRIX Team 1, one of the teams formed in order to compensate the lack of physical cross-lab visits due to the pandemic, shared a glimpse of their ongoing work, with the title “An unlikely crew: Combined archaeogenetic and strontium isotope analyses of four skeletons discovered in a Hittite ritual tunnel”. IJM-CNRS gave a presentation titled “PCAs in population genomics studies- are they really wrong?”, and Stockholm University gave a presentation titled “Comparison and optimization of pre- and post-amplification methods for ancient samples”.

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